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In recent years, food processing enterprises have made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological research and development, achievement transformation, technology promotion and other aspects, providing strong scientific and technological support for the transformation and upgrading of the national agricultural products processing industry. Recently, the list of new professional centers of the national agricultural products processing technology R & D system in 2018 was announced. Among them, the fields covered include rice processing, flour products processing, wheat processing, corn processing, snail powder processing, quick-frozen rice flour products processing, etc. relying on the construction units, including the Institute of food processing of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qing'an Donghe Jingu Grain Reserve, if the microcomputer function is strong, it can be directly printed by Co., Ltd., Anhui Qingsong Food Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd Guangxi luobawang Food Co., Ltd., etc

Institute of food processing, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

the author learned that the Institute has two research laboratories, namely, food nutrition and safety and agricultural product processing, which mainly focus on component analysis and technical services. In addition, the Institute has precision instruments such as texture analyzer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, fast viscosity analyzer, dietary fiber analyzer, FOSS automatic protein analyzer, semi-automatic rope type total fat analysis system, as well as a full set of equipment for making bread and noodles, which effectively provides a continuous stream of technical support for food processing

Qing'an Donghe Jingu Grain Reserve Co., Ltd.

it is understood that the company has been built into a large-scale agricultural industrialization technology enterprise integrating rice planting, grain collection and storage, rice processing, IOT technology development and application. Of course, relying solely on manpower in rice processing cannot solve the problems of production efficiency and labor cost, which requires the help of, such as,, rice mills, grain throwers, grain unloaders, conveyors and rice processing equipment, which can not only improve rice production efficiency, but also ensure the quality and safety of grain

Anhui Qingsong Food Co., Ltd.

it is reported that this enterprise is an earlier manufacturer using purification workshops in the breakfast engineering industry in the province, mainly engaged in rice flour products, prepackaged food, fried snacks, cakes, quick-frozen food, etc. It is worth mentioning that the enterprise has also introduced advanced full-automatic steamed stuffed bun production lines, wake-up steaming equipment, full-automatic food packaging lines, full-automatic porridge filling production lines, large-scale freezing, cold storage and so on, which well ensures the safety and sanitation of breakfast food production and the safety of breakfast supply

Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as a new generation of materials department

the author understands that the company is an international biological fermentation products company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and operation of various amino acids and their derivatives and biological colloids. It is a very large global producer of monosodium glutamate and a very large global producer of xanthan gum. Its leading products, monosodium glutamate and xanthan gum, are sold all over the country, And exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In addition, the enterprise has been ranked in the comprehensive strength of China's fermentation industry for many years, and has been selected into the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. It has won the honorary titles of high-tech enterprise, national excellent leading food enterprise and so on

Guangxi luobawang Food Co., Ltd.

it is understood that the enterprise has been established for more than four years. Luobawang snail powder has become popular throughout the country, and has been exported to Europe, America and other parts of the world. At present, in the e-commerce platform, luobawang ranks in the forefront of sales among more than 100 packaged snail powder brands, taking the lead. In recent years, with orders coming from all over the country, three sets of production equipment (Systems) and two sets of batching and mixing equipment independently developed by the enterprise have been put into use to further improve the quality of oil products, realizing the standardization, industrialization and scale of production and meeting the needs of market consumption

conclusion: these food processing enterprises were selected as the construction units of the national agricultural products processing technology research and development center, which is a major achievement of taking into account the resources of all parties in the construction of the technology research and development innovation platform. At the same time, it proves that the competitive soft power of enterprises is constantly and steadily improving, and it is an indispensable and important force in accelerating the revitalization of rural areas and the technological innovation of agricultural products processing industry

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