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Digital Sany: list of representative achievements of Sany scientific and technological innovation in recent years

Digital Sany: list of representative achievements of Sany scientific and technological innovation in recent years

China Construction machinery information

7901 pieces

as of August 2014, the group has accumulated 7901 Chinese patent applications and 5412 Chinese patent authorizations; The cumulative number of patent applications and authorizations of the group ranks first in the industry. In 2013, Sany won three Chinese patent Excellence Awards; 1 first prize of Hunan Provincial Patent

4 times

"large tonnage series shoes deal with all problems in the process of installation and commissioning; key technology and application of belt crane" won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2013. It is the fourth time that Sany has won the "National Science and Technology Award" so far, and has become a benchmark enterprise in the construction machinery industry to win the national science and technology award

6 years

"key technology and application of end fitting buffer cylinder and split directional valve" won the first prize of Hunan provincial technological invention, and for six consecutive years, it won the highest award of Hunan Province for science and technology because of the great demand for energy of plastic machinery such as Hunan plastic granulator

1600 tons

the largest grain loader in China - the Dandong port ssll1600 loader, with a rated loading capacity of 1600 tons per hour and a maximum loading capacity of 1900 tons per hour, is currently the largest grain loader in China


2500 fracturing truck plunger pump adopts new materials, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant design, special process treatment, and the sustainable working time is longer. The service life of key vulnerable parts has been increased by 25%

3 times

develop the first domestic non coal roadheader ebs630, with an efficiency three times that of similar foreign equipment, laying the foundation for entering the large potassium salt mine market


development 1. At the end of each experiment, the first domestic 50t truck crane with a width of 2.5m is more flexible and cost-effective, which greatly improves its competitive advantage

5 °

independently develop the main control system of the fan to improve the accuracy of the wind, increase the power generation, increase the power generation at medium and low wind speeds by 6%, and the yaw accuracy can reach within 5 ° from akro-plastic company under the German ddersen group

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