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Ningbo coating enterprises meet the on-site review of quality production license

Ningbo coating enterprises meet the on-site review of quality production license

November 3, 2008 reading volume: however, the combustion performance of polyurethane insulation materials remains to prevent any object from being inserted into the detector (causing the detector to damage the level of flammable B3 or flammable B2 source: Ningbo coating and coating | there is no water, acid and other mixtures in the oil

[China paint information] this year, the State Administration of quality supervision included solvent based paint enterprises in the implementation scope of quality production license (28 products in three units). From the first ten days of April to the middle of July, Ningbo Tu association has carried out publicity, visits, exchanges, assistance in training, communication, consulting and service. The company has a good foundation and resources in the automotive industry chain. Some enterprises with better conditions have carried out various work of self comparison, self rectification and self implementation to meet the on-site audit. In August, Ningbo dada chemical company and Dongsheng Technology Development Company were successfully accepted. The overall evaluation is better than expected, and the materials are neat. In September, Ningbo Zhenhai paint factory and Ningbo flywheel paint Co., Ltd. were successfully assessed by the acceptance team. The overall evaluation is that the data are complete, the acceptance is convenient, the determination is great, and the improvement is fast, which is better than expected. In October, Ningbo flywheel paint Co., Ltd. passed the review of the acceptance team and was full of praise for the equipment archives of the factory, which was considered to be the leading company in the province. Several others have been reported in succession, waiting for acceptance

from the five enterprises that have passed the acceptance, their characteristics are: 1. Leaders attach importance to it and all staff are mobilized. 2. Understand the content and compare it one by one. 3. Keep improving and make rectification in place. (the enterprise with the largest investment in rectification costs is tens of millions of yuan, realizing the rectification of the whole line) 4. Pay attention to consultation, data collection and classification. 5. Although there are objections to some practices of production license, we still take it as an opportunity for enterprises to improve

there are efforts and rewards. The best reward is the successful acceptance

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