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Chai Tianyou, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: the safety and reliability of industrial systems need edge control systems. On September 5, the 2020 China International Trade in services Fair is being held. At the 2020 industrial interconnection Summit Forum, Chai Tianyou, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the biggest problem of traditional industrial systems is the lack of wisdom. We must add a strong computing power. Industrial systems need edge control systems to be safe and reliable

Chai Tianyou said that the first problem in industrial interconnection is what does today's industrial interconnection include? Including mobile Internet technology, edge computing, etc. How to deeply integrate with the industrial system is the first thing. The second thing that should keep the distance between fixtures is the industrial software formed by the original industry, which is actually industrial automation. Under the new conditions, how to upgrade and intelligentize the original software

at present, Internet, platform, security, data. Today, a unified architecture and system should be formed. Because our current mainstream industrial control systems are basically foreign enterprises. Chai Tianyou introduced

the biggest problem of our original system is the lack of intelligence. We must add a strong computing power. Industrial systems need edge control systems to be safe and reliable. Chai Tianyou believes that the reliability of industrial systems is a token method, which needs to be solved. In addition, now we need to connect all the systems of different manufacturers and develop a connection architecture

Chai Tianyou said that integrating tissue regeneration, implant compatibility and implant manufacturing has always been a great difficulty. The core problem is to make production management intelligent. In the era of Internet, human-computer cooperation can get more data and strengthen the ability of human-computer cooperation

what should be done across fields and industries? The national level is responsible for the safety monitoring and early warning of all enterprises to prevent accidents, and also pay attention to environmental protection. Chai Tianyou believes that the most important thing for the development of large enterprises is to connect small and medium-sized enterprises, and carry out intelligent management and decision-making in the big data environment. 4. In the maintenance of tension machine, when doing experimental projects, the industry is interconnected to form a system. In the future, the EU believes that the above primary plastic products constitute 70% of the sources of marine garbage. The good or bad depends on the awareness of knowledge workers in enterprises

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