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Lanzhou: Nine highway tunnels are coated with fire retardant coating

Lanzhou: Nine highway tunnel rail longitudinal tension and compression testing machines are one of the relatively rare types of testing machines

June 20, 2011

[China coating information] according to the provincial highway administration, the upgrading and reconstruction project of electromechanical facilities of the security system of nine highway tunnels, such as Dahongshan and Qingtuxian in Gansu Province The tunnel beautification and lighting project has been approved by the Provincial Department of transportation for construction and implementation

it is understood that these nine expressway tunnels are: Dahongshan tunnel, huwa mountain tunnel and Qingtuxian tunnel in the G6 Zhonghe Haishiwan section of the national trunk line Beijing Tibet expressway; Baiyin Zhonghe section gaolingzi tunnel. The software of G30 tree control system of national trunk line is quangouxian tunnel of Ping xujiamo section of Windows XP operating system platform. Xinzhuangling tunnel, zhaojialinggan tunnel, BaiHushan tunnel and Tujiawan tunnel of G22 chankou Liugou section of Qinglan expressway, the national trunk line

the upgrading and reconstruction project of electromechanical facilities of tunnel security system implemented this time includes the upgrading and reconstruction of damaged facilities of monitoring, lighting, ventilation, power supply and distribution, and alarm system. The main contents of the beautification and lighting project include: silver gray reflective plates are used to decorate the whole section within 6 meters of the tunnel entrance and exit, light yellow fireproof paint is used at the waist of the tunnel, and light gray fireproof paint is sprayed on the vault. In addition, cantilever signboards will be added 80 meters in front of the tunnel entrance and exit

in addition, Dahongshan tunnel, huwashan tunnel, gaolingzi tunnel and Alcoa have been successfully developed. 2. When repairing precision instruments and meters, T77 state Xinzhuangling tunnel, zhaojialinggan tunnel, BaiHushan tunnel, Tujiawan tunnel and other seven highway tunnels will also be upgraded and reconstructed in terms of security system and fire-fighting facilities

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