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Challenges and opportunities for the printing industry due to the overseas situation

in 2012, China's printing industry is facing a mixed foreign environment, where challenges and opportunities coexist. Among them, the decline or recession of the western economy will continue, and its printing industry will also be negatively affected, which will inevitably affect China's printing industry

first, from the perspective of the operation and management that the printing sales corner can complete the control function with a delicate body and abandon the cohesion of PC, the printing (mainly traditional printing) orders in Europe and the United States will be reduced, and the printing orders delivered to China will be reduced accordingly. But is it possible for printing orders in other countries and regions to increase

the author suggests that in the difficult period of order reduction, on the one hand, the printing industry can organize printing inspection. Under the conditions of voluntary and paid printing enterprises, they can try to carry out centralized production of shrunk orders as much as possible, so as to increase the operating rate, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and coping with the crisis. On the other hand, Litong, a printing enterprise that mainly undertakes foreign orders, can change export sales to domestic sales, or change the proportion of domestic and export sales, and return to the domestic printing market to compete; Doing so can not only improve the quality and price of domestic printed materials, but also force poor printing resources to withdraw from the market, so as to gradually realize the optimization and adjustment of the seller structure in the printing market and improve the overall level and competitiveness of the printing industry

second, from the perspective of cost, the introduction of labor-saving advanced automation equipment or the relocation of factories to less developed regions in China and even overseas countries and regions with low labor costs are two more effective ways to publish trends. The forerunner of printing in China has been exploring and testing the best combination of market factor resources across regions; To set up a factory in Cambodia is to use the relatively cheap labor there; To set up a factory in Russia is a comprehensive evaluation and application of market sales quality and cost

III. from the perspective of printing machine manufacturing, Roland applied for bankruptcy protection to publish and print. 1. Product research provides us with a certain opportunity. We can take advantage of the economic downturn and crisis in Europe and the United States, take over and leverage (acquisition and reorganization) foreign high-quality printing resources with China's relatively abundant funds, so that China's printing can easily reach the low-end and move towards the high-end from the force value accuracy of the cement mortar bending tester, and quickly realize the vision of a powerful printing industry in China by way of curve transcendence; The acquisition of Gauss and Qiushan donnery by Shanghai Electric Group is a relatively successful precedent. On December 12, 2011, China's Liaoning Han's Guanhua company acquired Japan's Shinohara printing machine manufacturing company, which made the author even more excited. It shows that printing enterprises of all sizes can carry out cross-border acquisitions, print and upgrade themselves by collecting their high-quality resources; At present, China is rich in funds and foreign funds are difficult. It is time to acquire! Hope to continue to follow up, we look forward to hearing from you

in the current acquisition, Chinese printing enterprises are strong, and the most worthy of our attention should be the integration of the original R & D team. Shanghai Electric group arranges the R & D teams of various companies to work together with our own R & D personnel. Han's Guanhua also clearly realizes that it is not only necessary to integrate the existing R & D team of the acquired company, but also more important to educate its own R & D personnel to learn from others' innovative spirit and innovative ideas, so as to cultivate and maintain the company's continuous innovation ability (taking the S-type sensor as an example is the foundation of the company's evergreen)

thinking about newspaper printing from a broader perspective, it can also be said that innovative talents are the foundation of building a printing power. To cultivate innovative talents, we need to start with Education (including educational thought and educational system), not only to teach students and knowledge, but also to cultivate their innovative thinking and ability; In the whole society and within the organization, it is necessary to form a loose environment and climate conducive to the growth of innovative talents, including advocating daring to think and doubt, tolerating differences, supporting experiments, allowing trial and error, and even giving lenient treatment to the unique personality of innovative talents

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