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Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone was upgraded to a national economic and Technological Development Zone. On January 6, Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone, located in Zhenhai, received a message: with the approval of the State Council, the zone was officially upgraded to a national economic and Technological Development Zone, named Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone. In the next five years, the region will invest 100billion yuan to develop characteristic industries, high-tech industries and high value-added service industries. In five years, the industrial output value is expected to reach 400billion yuan, becoming a leading area in the national petrochemical and new material industries

Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only Petrochemical Industrial Park in Zhejiang Province. Since the first three-year large-scale development of the rapid transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry in 200 and the promotion of the comprehensive revitalization of independent brands, 3.5 billion yuan of infrastructure investment has been completed, and a pattern of integration of public works, logistics and transmission, safety and environmental protection and management services has been established. Hundreds of enterprises invested nearly 50billion yuan. According to 2, the performance of the high and low temperature experimental machine should not be supported by high temperature. Zhenhai Refining and chemical, large ethylene project and liquefaction wharf have built the "skeleton" of the vertical petrochemical industry chain and the horizontal circular economy chain, and have embarked on a development road of "oil (petroleum) head (chemical) tail"

nowadays, more and more products of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. can be digested in the park: after ethylene is processed into ethylene oxide by "AkzoNobel", it is provided to other enterprises in the park to produce surfactants. Objects with obvious a less than g do accelerated movement with smaller and smaller acceleration; When the object moves to mg=kx, the instantaneous speed reaches the maximum and the water reducing agent; Phosphorus xylene is provided to "TEDA" to produce phthalic anhydride, the raw material of plastics, dyes and resins; Butadiene is supplied to "nitrile" company to produce synthetic rubber; Mixed C5 is supplied to "jinheide banner" for processing into cyclopentadiene and m-pentadiene, and provided to "Yonghua resin" and "Tianli Chemical" and other enterprises to produce resins

it is the development principle of Petrochemical Economic Zone not to discharge waste into water, soil or air. A few years ago, the district has built independent rivers and sewage and solid waste treatment plants, realized central heating, and built a 17 kilometer long material transmission pipeline corridor, so that raw materials can be directly transported to enterprises. It will also affect the printability of the film. At the same time, around sulfur, tar, carbon dioxide and other "waste products", the area has formed four circular economy industrial chains. Among them, "Weihua chemical" and other enterprises collect sulfur and use it to produce industrial sulfuric acid, which is transmitted to "Xinfu titanium dioxide" and other enterprises through pipelines, and the waste sulfuric acid is transmitted to Zhenhai phosphate fertilizer plant to produce phosphate fertilizer. In addition, central heating pipelines have been established in the park to collect waste heat from "TEDA", "Weihua", "detai" and other enterprises along the way and provide it to enterprises in the park

after seven years of development, the industrial chain benefits and regional environmental protection achievements of the petrochemical development zone have been at the forefront of similar chemical zones in China, attracting more than 20 billion yuan enterprises such as AkzoNobel in the Netherlands, Aijing in South Korea, Linde gas in Germany and so on to settle here. After becoming the first batch of provincial development zones that passed the "811" environmental remediation in our province, they were listed in the first batch of national new industrialization industry demonstration bases. Last year, the total industrial output value of the area was 105billion yuan, an increase of 23% year-on-year

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