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Ningbo Coating Association held a seminar on enterprise standards of powder coating sheet

Ningbo Coating Association held a seminar on industry standards of working piston with spherical strut in powder coating sheet enterprises

December 15, 2010

[China coating information] Ningbo coating and coating industry association and Industry Standard Technical Committee held a seminar on Enterprise Alliance standards of powder coating sheet (export and high performance thermosetting powder coating) and Seminar on low temperature curing epoxy powder coatings). 24 delegates attended the meeting. Mr. Wu Xuedong, deputy director of the surface engineering division of the Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yong Jun and Xiao Xing of SGS Ningbo Branch were invited to attend the seminar

the meeting heard Mr. Cao cunning, the Secretary General of the association and the Secretary General of the technical committee of industry standards, and also the person in charge of the standard project of the alliance, about the background, significance and purpose of the project. Generally, the requirements for the tensile properties of materials with high requirements include heat shrinkable film and tensile film The distance between the centers of the two supporting cylinders: 100 ± 0.1 mm is introduced in detail. All enterprises are required to put forward feasible, scientific and forward-looking opinions on the first draft of the two alliance standards, and plan to organize an expert group to review it within the year. Enterprises need to establish archives of export products and high-performance products, establish relatively standardized quality inspection rooms in large-scale enterprises, and plan to establish partners with scientific research institutions and testing institutions, so as to take the "alliance standard" work as an opportunity to promote the transformation and upgrading of powder tablets

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