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Challenges and opportunities in the era of meager profits (II)

Heidelberg's solutions

since 2003, Heidelberg announced the implementation of a new strategic restructuring plan, and decided to devote more energy to sheet fed offset printing business in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream, using future oriented, comprehensive and integrated product lines and solutions, Better serve the diversified needs of printing enterprises

Heidelberg has been making active and unremitting efforts in the above areas that need to be improved. Next, I will give you a brief explanation by giving a few examples:

* for rapid replacement of printing plates and shortening the preparation time of printing operations

the launch and development mileage of Heidelberg speedpa CD102 open format offset press is a satisfactory answer to this question. Since the advent of speedpa CD102 and speedpa SM102 in the 1980s and 1990s, a series of innovative technologies and functions have been added to the equipment, For example, Peter Benner of the Max Planck Institute for complex technology system dynamics in Magdeburg, Germany, explained: "programs such as X-ray structure analysis or atomic probe tomography provide millions of data values every minute; for example, researchers will obtain the data of atomic configuration in solids from P2000 printing control center," Star "series peripherals, new enhanced preset Feida and preset delivery Improved glazing unit, new safety protection and appearance design... I believe you are very familiar with these technical features under the conditions of various pressure, temperature, speed and relative roughness contact surfaces. These functions greatly shorten the operation preparation time, reflecting Heidelberg's unremitting pursuit of improving production efficiency

* pursue higher production speed and efficiency

as we all know, Heidelberg Speedmaster xl105 series printing press was first unveiled at the drupa exhibition last year, and is one of the spokesmen of Heidelberg's highest production capacity. Xuba xl105 is designed to meet the peak productivity demand and expand the high-end printing market. Its production speed can reach 18000 pieces per hour. It has set a new record in productivity, printing quality and cost control. It is an offset press suitable for highly industrialized production. Practice has proved that xl105 can increase the productivity of printing enterprises by more than 30%

* pursue higher printing quality

the Heidelberg print solution is a unique, open, modular and complete workflow management system in the industry so far. The system can combine the traditionally separated fields: production management, prepress, printing and post printing into one system, and help enterprises realize systematic quality control and further improve productivity. In order to comprehensively improve the production capacity of printing enterprises, Heidelberg has also developed a new generation of thermal computer direct plate making equipment - superba. All its components, including the laser system, have applied Heidelberg's own new technology. Together with the Yintong solution, Chaoba series will also become a powerful guarantee for the quality of enterprise products

* pursue higher cost performance

in order to ensure that Chinese users obtain higher market competitiveness and higher cost performance, Heidelberg China is building a new production base in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park. From 2006, we will provide the Chinese market with equipment of first-class quality and more acceptable to users in terms of price

* provide users with more convenient equipment maintenance knowledge and services

determine the force required to expand the tear. All leaders in the printing industry here must also be impressed by the "Internet based remote service" we proposed at this year's Beijing printing technology exhibition. Our global expert team will analyze and detect the operation status of your equipment through remote connection, so as to provide you with more professional information and more intimate and convenient services

Heidelberg's core concept is - "users are the focus of our attention." We will unremittingly provide users and people in the printing industry with innovative technology, high-quality services and all-round solutions. We will work together with our colleagues in the Chinese printing industry to work together, strive together, grow together, and create the future hand in hand

source: Printing Manager

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