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Nine Dragons Paper: no paper making without environmental protection

on July, 2008, the three-day fifth Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition and the fourth Guangning Forest Pulp paper, packaging and printing industry economic and Trade Fair kicked off in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. Nine Dragons Paper, the largest packaging paper producer in Asia, also participated in the exhibition and put forward the idea that there is no paper making without environmental protection

the theme of this International Paper Exhibition: green paper making, innovation and environmental protection. Nine Dragons Paper, which actively advocates the classified recycling and effective reuse of waste paper, as the largest packaging paper manufacturer in Asia, in order to make the outside world have a new and clear understanding of the paper industry, correctly transmit the contribution of the development of green paper industry to society, and show the outside world the concept that there is no paper without environmental protection with a huge exhibition area

it is reported that Zhang duling, the executive deputy general manager of Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd., pointed out that the most important embodiment of the scientific concept of development proposed by the Party Central Committee in the paper industry is the circular economy development model of green environmental protection, and Nine Dragons Paper has always been responsible for promoting environmental protection and circular economy, and has made silent contributions to the paper industry. Seeing that many participating enterprises in this exhibition are playing green papermaking, which undoubtedly brings inconvenience to the operation, it shows that many enterprises have realized that the development mode of exchanging environment for economy is not desirable. More and more papermaking and related enterprises have joined the team of economic development of wdw-s digital display electronic universal testing machine (portal), characteristics of circular helmet impact resistance testing machine. Nine Dragons Paper is not alone in the battle

Nine Dragons Paper Sales Department also represented the company as a new plastic enterprise to attend the paper industry event with the largest scale and influence in South China. During the exhibition, the sales department staff enthusiastically introduced the company's various papers to every exhibitor who paid attention to the company's products. The company's sales director said that the exhibition will bring new opportunities for the group's sales work and promote the company's products to a broader market

this exhibition is the leading paper industry event in South China and China in 2008, covering paper-making equipment and technology, paper, packaging and printing. Some faster moving provinces such as Henan, Hebei and other paper-making upstream and downstream industries. More than 170 famous manufacturers from 8 countries gathered here to show all kinds of cultural paper, packaging paper, special paper and international advanced pulp and paper equipment and technology

it was learned that in addition to Nine Dragons Paper, Stora Enso, Guangzhou Paper Group, Jiangnan paper, Zhongsheng paper, Andritz, Jiangmen Jinghua and other well-known enterprises also showed their energy-saving products and technologies at the exhibition

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