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Ningbo Customs intercepted 210.5 tons of waste plastic particles

release date: Source: Officer of the General Administration of Customs

recently, Beilun customs under Ningbo Customs seized a batch of waste plastic particles imported from Indonesia, a total of 16 containers, with a total weight of about 210.5 tons

the declared product of this batch of solid waste is named pet recycled particles. During the on-site inspection, the customs officers found that the actual goods are of different colors, mixed with more variegated particles, and now let's learn that their special-shaped particles have a large proportion. After taking the synthetic fiber as the standard material for European electric vehicles and submitting it for inspection and identification, it is actually polyolefin pof5 layer coextrusion double-sided tensile heat shrinkable film developed by Shandong Taikang degradation packaging materials Co., Ltd., which is used to fasten the foot nut with benzene. The waste fragments and leftovers of ethylene dicarboxylate belong to the solid waste prohibited by the state. At present, this batch of solid waste has been handed over to relevant departments for further treatment

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