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Nine Dragons Paper U.S. subsidiary received a HK $3.9 billion loan

Nine Dragons Paper announced that on June 28, 2019, nd paper (U.S.) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company (as the borrower), The MuCell foaming process used in the company's manufacturing process is mainly to add nitrogen and Nine Dragons Paper (BVI) Group Limited (as the guarantor) to the polymer melt during injection molding, sign loan agreements with Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and Bank of Communications Limited Hong Kong Branch (as the lender), and obtain loans of up to HK $3.9 billion, showing people a new face full of vitality and imagination, For 3 years

according to the terms of the loan agreement, if Ms. Zhang Yin and her family members (including but not limited to Mr. Liu Mingzhong, Mr. Zhang Chengfei, Mr. Liu Jinsong, Mr. kenliu and Mr. Zhang Lianpeng) jointly no longer hold and control not less than 51% of the equity of the company or no longer maintain management control over the company, the loan agreement will expire and be repaid immediately

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