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After nine years together, Guangzhou guoyangguang power No. 2 paper exhibition is unprecedented. Since the first Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition was successfully held in 2004, nine years have passed, and colleagues and exhibitors in the national paper industry have worked together. The scale and influence of the exhibition have also expanded with the development of the domestic paper industry. The grand occasion of the eighth exhibition just passed is still fresh in my mind. The nine-year uninterrupted Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition has made an appointment with you in 2012

the 8th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition has been settled. During the follow-up investigation of exhibitors after the exhibition, customers reported that Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition has brought us into contact with many large-scale enterprises and brought many overseas visitors, which is very helpful to us. Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition has provided us with this batch of connectors for technical exchanges with our peers, which is a broad platform for unqualified products. Through this year's exhibition, We have developed some new customers and directly received a certain number of orders, accounting for 17.60%. Such interactions make Altech exhibition very gratified. At the same time, we also feel deeply on our shoulders. We should remember the purpose of professional exhibition practitioners, better serve exhibitors and strive for the prosperity of China's paper industry

on July 18, 2012, the 9th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition 2012 will meet you again in Yangcheng. The exhibition will be moved to Guangzhou Pazhou poly world trade exhibition hall, with the theme of promoting Chinese paper consumption and expanding foreign markets. It will bring more service items and special activities set up at the request of exhibitors. This exhibition will be a great opportunity for domestic paper-making enterprises to contact first-class printing and packaging enterprises, paper dealers, advertising and packaging designers, as well as close contact with international buyers and expand the foreign trade market. At the same time of the exhibition, many special activities will be held, including the first China paper dealers' conference, the selection of the top 100 paper dealers in China, the on-site acceptance of lessons by famous Chinese marketing experts, the 2011 award dinner for the most popular brands among dealers, the first China trend packaging design competition, the first China trend packaging exhibition and so on

the exhibition has carried out all-round and in-depth cooperation with papermaking associations in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India and other countries since the fifth session, and 2012 is no exception. The exhibition will lead well-known enterprises in their respective regions to form exhibition groups and purchasing groups for large-scale exhibition exchanges, so as to expand the market and establish a broader cooperation platform. With such a strong alliance, many tire companies and even automobile companies around the world have also joined the ranks of looking for raw materials from dandelion, and built a bridge connecting China and Southeast Asia, which is the purpose and significance of holding Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition

with the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan of the national paper industry, China's paper industry will usher in a better tomorrow in the next five years. On July, 2012, the 9th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition will be held at Poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou. See you again

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