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Ningbo enterprise fills the gap in the national standard for platform door electrical system

original title: Ningbo enterprise fills the gap in the national standard for platform door electrical system

recently, it was learned from the market supervision department of Jiangbei District of Ningbo that with the approval of the State Administration of market supervision and the National Standardization Administration, The national rail transit standard gb/t36284-2018 (rail transit platform door electrical system) led by Ningbo CRRC times Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. was officially released and will be implemented on January 1 next year. The team aims to focus the joint activities on five different topics, which need to be more holistic and upstream and downstream linkage

platform door system is one of the important equipment systems of urban rail transit stations, which is composed of mechanical and electrical parts

as a leading enterprise in the field of platform doors in China, "CRRC era" has led the formulation of this standard since 2014 in combination with the actual operation environment of China's rail transit 6, which has perfect limit protection function and overload, overcurrent protection, experimental fracture automatic shutdown and other functions. At present, the main technical level and methods of this standard have exceeded the international level. According to the introduction, the national standard "electric system of rail transit platform door" has made detailed provisions on the service conditions, technical standards, detection methods, etc. of electrical system components, filling the gap of relevant standards

"taking the performance of components as an example, this industry standard does not stipulate the waterproof and dustproof, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. of electrical components." Wang Fei, the relevant person in charge of "CRRC era", said that previously, due to the incomplete and inconsistent standards, the design and manufacturing quality of platform doors was uneven. After the release of the national standard for the electrical system of platform doors of rail transit, it will hold the bottom line for the reliability and safety of related products. (editor in charge: Zhang Liwei, Wu Nan)

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