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Nine Dragons guilty or coincidence

after the survey report of Hong Kong University Students' mainland sweatshop report of Hong Kong listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2008 was released, Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Industry was involved in the whirlpool of sweatshops. In response, Nine Dragons Paper announced that it would hold a press conference yesterday afternoon, and its chairman Zhang Yin would attend

the day before yesterday, nine dragons announced that the press conference would be postponed. According to a public relations company entrusted by nine dragons, the press conference will be postponed to next week, and the specific time will be determined. The reason for the delay is that Zhang Yin can't leave because she has something to do in the United States

in response to external suspicions about the reasons for the postponement of the press conference, yesterday, an unnamed senior executive of Nine Dragons Paper said that Chairman Zhang Yin was indeed busy in the United States and would not return home until next week. The executive said that questions about nine dragons, including the recycling of the employee handbook, would be answered at the press conference next week

in the above sweatshop report completed by Hong Kong university students, Nine Dragons Paper was accused of infringing on the rights and interests of workers, including frequent industrial and death accidents, the factory's use of industrial accidents to collect money from Innocent workers, the frequent unreasonable and huge fines on workers, and the suspected long-term serious violation of China's labor laws and regulations

according to the report, about 15 pages of the employee handbook held by nine dragons employees involve fines, with a total of 87 fines, ranging from 300 yuan to several thousand yuan, and even tens of thousands of yuan

yesterday, I received a claim that I was an employee of nine dragons, and Nine Dragons Paper was recycling the employee handbook from employees. The employee said that the reason for recycling the employee handbook was that nine dragons had a guilty conscience. They had to deal with the non-standard things in the factory in a week, and then let the media interview them

however, the above-mentioned Nine Dragons executive, who did not want to be named, said that the reason for withdrawing the employee handbook was that it was issued in 2005. At present, a new version has been issued and needs to be replaced

some public opinion believes that the postponement of the press conference and the recycling of the "Employee Handbook" are two things that make the government's tax reduction and fee reduction policies more effective, which cannot but make the outside world associate

according to Yi's report on April 21, on the rumors of Nine Dragons sweatshop, Kong Xianghong, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, said that the Guangdong Federation of trade unions and Dongguan had sent investigators. According to the investigators' feedback, nine dragons' employees were treated very well, and they were subsidized 150 yuan a month for meals, and the dormitory treatment was not a sweatshop

however, what will be the impact of improper installation of the tensile testing machine caused by the soaring safety cobalt price? For some discrepancies between the trade union investigation and the media coverage of Nine Dragons Paper, kongxianghong said that he would continue to conduct a comprehensive investigation


Nine Dragons sweatshop incident

Zhang Yin, an honorary citizen of Dongguan, a Chinese living in the United States, and the chairman of Dongguan Mayong Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd., was listed as the richest person on the 2006 Hurun 100 rich list in 2006. At the age of 49, she was also the richest self-made woman in the world at that time, with a wealth of 27billion yuan

as the aura of the richest man gradually fades, a series of events and debates have drawn the attention of society and the media to her factory. A survey report released recently defines Zhang Yin's Nine Dragons Paper Industry as a sweatshop

in December 2007, Hong Kong media reported the strike of thousands of employees in Nine Dragons Paper Industry. The strike was related to the upcoming labor contract law. Workers believed that nine dragons would clear the length of service when signing the contract. Zhang Yin said that the incident originated from a misunderstanding and promised that employees would renew their contracts if they were willing to continue working

during the two sessions this year, Zhang Yin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, submitted three proposals, proposing to cancel the signing of indefinite labor contracts and raise the tax threshold for the rich. Her views on reducing the tax burden of the rich and giving enterprises a tax-free transition period for importing environmental protection equipment were accused of only representing the interests of her group

in April, 2008, a report entitled "report on sweatshops in mainland China of Hong Kong listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2008" was released. The report was issued by SACOM, the student union of Hong Kong Baptist University and the student union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. From March to April this year, Hong Kong University Student investigators went to Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places to investigate for many times, targeting Hong Kong funded factories. In this survey, the sweatshop with Nine Dragons Paper as the first power line surfaced

the report points out that Nine Dragons Paper often has serious industrial accidents, and workers are often crushed by trucks, crushed by goods from high places, crushed by paper reelers, etc. After an industrial accident, nine dragons will impose fines ranging from 300 yuan to 3000 yuan on injured workers and other workers in the same department. The report points out that before 2008, nearly half of the workers in Jiulong were temporary workers, without any labor contracts or employee benefits; After the implementation of the contract law, all temporary workers became outsourced workers and contracted to labor dispatch companies. Their wages were significantly reduced, and there were no holidays throughout the year. The signing period of the contract even violated the provisions of the labor contract law

After the release of the report, the domestic media were moved by the wind, and Zhang Yin and nine dragons were pushed to the forefront

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