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Ningbo has attracted 1216 overseas engineers in 7 years

1216! Yesterday, it was learned from Ningbo Foreign Experts Bureau that as of June this year, Ningbo had introduced 1216 overseas engineers, helped enterprises apply for 4055 patents, developed and designed 13371 new products, and directly created more than 26.4 billion yuan of new output value and nearly 2.1 billion yuan of new profits and taxes

Behind the figures, Ningbo has been expanding its recruitment to attract foreign experts:

since 2010, Ningbo has initiated the policy of encouraging enterprises to introduce overseas engineers in China, giving enterprises an annual salary subsidy of up to 600000 yuan, accelerating the pace of enterprises to introduce overseas engineers; Set up the Italian CSMT (China) center, a new talent introduction platform, and introduce a batch of foreign expert teams and regional industries face-to-face; Build an international talent community on the old Bund and build a life circle for foreigners working in Ningbo

issue the annual salary subsidy policy:

foreign experts bring advanced technology and management experience

an enterprise's future sales are expected to increase by 40% a year

for the benefits brought by the introduction of foreign experts to the enterprise, Peng Weiliang, chairman of Ningbo Chenglu group, has a deep understanding. In 2012, Peng Weiliang found that automobile lightweight is the general trend, and there will be more carbon fiber auto parts injection molded parts to replace the original steel parts in the future. But this technology was not available in China at that time, and from a global perspective, it was only in the hands of a few countries

Peng Weiliang decided to directly invite experts who master the world's top technology. Hans, a German expert, became the most suitable person. He has more than 30 years of research and development experience in the injection molding machine industry and has 48 invention patents. Hans was introduced by Werner, a German expert who has worked in Chenglu for 3 years

under the leadership of Hans, the enterprise overcame the continuous carbon fiber mixing and injection molding technology that has plagued the plastic machine industry for many years, and developed the world's first intelligent molding line for carbon fiber products. At present, the prototype has been booked by a well-known domestic auto parts manufacturer, and German customers and a number of domestic auto manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers are in the process of negotiation

it is reported that the industrialization of carbon fiber product intelligent forming line will become a new economic growth point of Shuangma machinery under Chengdu Road Group, which is expected to bring an annual sales growth of nearly 40% in recent years

According to Li Desheng, general manager of Fenghua Guosheng Instrument Co., Ltd., the leading-edge management experience brought by Japanese experts has greatly changed the concept of enterprises from managers to ordinary employees, and also brought direct economic benefits to enterprises

let's talk about the packaging link. In the past, the packaging cartons of products were placed two minutes away from the production line. Yasuda Heyi, who had worked in Toyota for many years, walked around. The first one pointed out why he didn't put the boxes next to the employees, so that he could easily hold them, save time and improve production efficiency. Li Desheng said that Yasuda Heyi will provide Guosheng with the latest management suggestions every year, and can improve the production process and process every time. Now the tax paid by the enterprise is increasing at a rate of 40% every year

According to caijiemin, director of Ningbo Foreign Experts Bureau, the introduction of the annual salary subsidy policy is to help enterprises introduce foreign engineering, technology, business management and other high-end talents in short supply. Many Ningbo enterprises, including Chenglu and Guosheng instruments, have also tasted the benefits of the annual salary subsidy for Ningbo overseas engineers. Now, enterprises are very enthusiastic about the application. This year, 167 enterprises have applied for the annual salary subsidy for 233 overseas engineers, Finally, the project will be approved through expert review and screening

take the talent introduction platform:

35 Foreign Experts

visited more than 200 enterprises and 5 incubation projects

Italian expert gaila (transliteration), 60 years old, retired, has worked in the Italian headquarters of Fiat Group for more than 30 years, and has successively engaged in parts design and enterprise quality management of Ferrari and other well-known brand vehicles. Two months ago, 10 foreign experts in the field of auto parts, mold manufacturing, etc., including him, who are expected to have an annual output value of 25 billion yuan after the completion of all their projects, received an invitation from the Italian integrated technology research and development (China) center, inviting them to come to Ningbo to solve technical problems for enterprises

this group of Italian experts have made in-depth docking with 20 enterprises in the fields of automobile and parts in Ningbo, and basically put forward solutions

automobile inspection tool is a tool to control the size of automobile products. Ningbo Qiaoyi Auto Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the design and manufacture of auto inspection tools and other equipment, mainly providing Geely and other enterprises with the R & D, design and manufacture of auto inspection tools in 2013

general manager Yin Weiming introduced that there is no problem with the technology of the inspection tool enterprises that produce individual auto parts, and they are looking for the technology to produce vehicle inspection tools. The vehicle inspection tools can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of each vehicle, and can detect the quality and function of all auto parts. Domestic whole vehicle manufacturers mainly import vehicle inspection tools from abroad, and the successful development of domestic inspection tools can save half the cost for the whole vehicle manufacturers

after the exchange, gueira said that he could provide such professional technical solutions in Italy and could return home to prepare relevant materials. In addition to Qiaoyi, gaila also made suggestions to the other three Ningbo enterprises he visited. For example, Ningbo Donghao Auto Parts Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of automobile air outlets, is looking for more solid materials for the production of air outlets, which are not easy to break, and the price is not high

in October 2015, the Italian integrated technology research and development (China) center was settled in Ningbo. According to Dukang, the project operator and the chairman of Italian Simeon industry (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., the Chinese Center is mainly committed to introducing mature expert resources, technical resources, management teams, high-tech enterprises and high-end R & D institutions from the Italian integrated technology research and development center, so as to promote the cooperation between China and Italy in talent, technology In depth cooperation in projects and other fields

it is understood that at present, the center has introduced 35 Italian experts to China, docking and visiting more than 200 enterprises; There are 5 incubation projects, the public mold service center has been successfully operated, and many projects such as carbon fiber R & D and manufacturing and ultra precision will be successively operated

build an international talent community:

provide employment, leisure and other services

target to receive 500000 people per year

Li Yuji is from Seoul, South Korea. At present, he works as the vice president of a medical device company in Ningbo, and can set and display the height of the hammer in real time. He has been in Ningbo for five years. For the first three years, he worked alone in Ningbo. Later, his wife and children also came, and the children also attended local schools in Ningbo

Ningbo is like a second hometown. Li Yuji described the life of the whole family on the past Saturday: just on the old Bund in Jiangbei, Ningbo, Li Yuji made an appointment with his customers to have coffee and discuss business at Li Zhai

the creative center of the Italian National Artists Association (China) has just settled here. The wife took the children to see new products such as leather bags and fashion, and then went to the free flower arrangement class. All the foreign experts and family members working in Ningbo studied together

sometimes the Li Yuji family will stay in the old thebund all day. There are 190 businesses of all kinds here, including 65 bars. In the evening, they sit on stools near the river and blow the wind. Every Saturday, cultural and art, fashion release, leisure and entertainment and other theme activities will be held here

some time ago, Li Yuji also made an appointment with his colleagues to watch the ball in the bar here

according to the staff of the human resources and Social Security Department of Jiangbei District, Ningbo, the old thebund international talent community has been built since the end of 2014. According to the way of market operation and government promotion, it mainly serves international talents at five levels, including foreigners working in Ningbo, foreigners studying in Ningbo, returned overseas students, students preparing to study abroad, and people in Ningbo, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

in addition to allowing international talents to learn about government policies, recruitment and employment, project promotion and other information here, Ningbo also strives to build platforms for exchange and exhibition, cultural research and training, leisure and entertainment, increase the implantation of cultural carriers, and further enhance and enrich the cultural formats of the Bund, mainly to help more overseas talents in Ningbo establish a sense of belonging

the goal of Ningbo is to make the old thebund receive 500000 international talents every year, publish 100 foreign intelligence project information and realize 500 talent capital projects through five years of construction and efforts

Ningbo strives to build the old thebund into a leisure gathering area for international talents with high popularity in the country, an information gathering area for foreign intellectual projects, and a collision and fusion area for talent capital projects

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