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Chairman Zhang Xiuwen of Shantui visited and investigated the Ukrainian market

chairman Zhang Xiuwen of Shantui visited and investigated the Ukrainian market

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recently, chairman Zhang Xiuwen of Shantui Co., Ltd. and Executive Director Ann Lulin visited and investigated the Ukrainian market (2) LCD Chinese character display, accompanied by relevant business personnel of import and export companies

chairman Zhang Xiuwen had in-depth exchanges with Ukrainian agents, exchanged and analyzed the economic situation at home and abroad and the development of related industries, especially the steel, coal, environmental sanitation and machinery industries, and reached a consensus on the next cooperation between Shantui and the agent company that the round specimen should generally be tested in a V-shaped groove. Through this visit, the cooperative relationship between Shantui and Ukrainian agents under the complex market environment was further consolidated, laying a solid foundation for further in-depth cooperation

Shantui Ukraine agency has cooperated with Shantui since 2004, and has experienced market peaks and several economic crises. Both sides trust and support each other. In 2017, the number of mainframe units and sales revenue doubled, and successively participated in and implemented several key bidding projects

during the visit, chairman Zhang Xiuwen, accompanied by the agency company, made a field test of 13 pressure plate size (mm) 204 × 204 the local landfill site in Ukraine was inspected. The first phase of compaction and landfill operation of the landfill site used mountain pushing equipment, including mountain pushing waste compactor and environmental sanitation bulldozer. Users spoke highly of the use of mountain pushing equipment and said on the spot that mountain pushing equipment would continue to be used in all subsequent landfill construction. Chairman Zhang Xiuwen said that he would like to thank the agents for their long-term support and recognition of Shantui. In the future cooperation, Shantui will provide customers with better equipment support and service

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