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The second all Print Exhibition - fully in line with international standards

the second China International all print exhibition, CO sponsored by China Association of printing technology, China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 14 to 17, 2006. It is reported that from the aspects of exhibition recruitment, exhibitor service, on-site service Audience organization and post exhibition services will be fully in line with international standards

the first all India exhibition also showed its international style in the process of holding. It not only attracted 480 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, but also attracted more than 2500 overseas visitors from more than 40 countries. In addition, advanced scientific and technological means were adopted in terms of on-site order and audience admission control, which not only made the exhibition orderly, but also the international exhibitors, domestic exhibitors International and domestic data comparison, on-site transaction volume and other data were fed back to exhibitors and visitors at the first time, and were highly praised by the industry

today, when the domestic exhibition industry is fully in line with international standards, the all print exhibition, which strives to become the first brand exhibition in the domestic printing industry, is bound to be in line with the international printing exhibition, and comprehensively improve the service level in all aspects. The organizer will make unremitting efforts from the following aspects to create "China's drupa"

first, the booth is sold in different areas, and the price is clearly discounted.

Electromechanical is the soul of all parts.

in order to eliminate the uneven problem of booth price caused by factors such as sales period and personnel, the second all India exhibition will adopt the principle of booth sales in different areas, and the price is clearly discounted. The manufacturers who want to participate in the exhibition can clarify the final price of each exhibition area and formulate the best exhibition plan at the beginning of the exhibition

second, the first-class venue facilities and services will create an exhibition environment that is best to simply modify the traditional alloy.

the eight pavilions of Shanghai New International Expo Center will be fully put into use, and the fire and theft prevention measures will be more complete; It will provide a center with first-class communication equipment for the media to facilitate friends in the industry to report on the exhibition in a timely manner; The organizer will provide close service for exhibitors to ensure that each booth is in the charge of a special person, no matter how big or small, and everything is considerate; After the exhibition, a number of value-added services such as customer tracking and audience information will be provided to exhibitors

third, provide shuttle buses, visit trams and other convenient tools to create cultural exhibitions

in addition to providing exhibitors with a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, it provides high-quality services, and for the audience, the organizer has also achieved the same level as the international exhibitions. Not only shuttle buses will be provided between subway stations, bus stations and exhibition halls, but also trams will be provided in the venues ready to go to the exhibition halls to reduce the fatigue of the audience; The first-class dining environment and rest environment, the book and newspaper columns in the exhibition hall and the water printer... All reflect the organizer's 2. Accuracy level: level 0.5, meticulous and thoughtful

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