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The second embedded technology summit was held in the ancient city of Lanzhou

on the afternoon of October 26, it was hosted by the China Computer Users Association and co hosted by Evonik Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Intel. Now let's first learn about the second embedded technology summit in 2004. After the grand opening in Beijing, the second event kicked off smoothly in the ancient city of Lanzhou

2004 China's second embedded technology summit was held successfully after the first embedded conference in 2003. Yanxiang, together with famous companies such as Intel, such as hollow steel door GB 9155 (8), held this summit with positive significance for the development of the industry again this year based on the principle of "creating good opportunities and seeking win-win results"! It is intended to provide a platform for the vast number of EIP R & D institutions, production units and sellers to exchange and display the latest achievements! Yesterday's summit was very lively. There were nearly 200 guests, including Dr. Ma Linke, EIP architect of Yanxiang company and senior lecturer authorized by arm China, who made a wonderful speech to the guests on RISC technology. But by 2020, Lanzhou Jiaotong University and other famous scientific and academic institutions also made wonderful explanations on the development and application of embedded technology at the meeting, and the meeting also held a lottery, The atmosphere of the scene was brought to a climax again and again, and the meeting ended with happy music. It is understood that after the Lanzhou meeting, on the 29th of this month, the embedded summit will be opened in Xi'an, which is less active than hips. Then it will be held in Chengdu, Chongqing

, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places

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