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The second Asia Pacific International Summit on green power and carbon finance 2011 is about to be held.

on May 12 and 13, 2011, the second Asia Pacific green power and carbon finance summit 2011, hosted by the Asia Power Institute, will be grandly held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Financial Street, Beijing. This grand meeting is a comprehensive international summit of the largest, highest level and most professional new energy industry, clean energy investment and carbon finance, energy conservation industry and other multi-party exchanges and cooperation held in the Asia Pacific region in 2011

the topics of the second Asia Pacific green power and carbon finance summit 2011 are: the current situation and development of energy-saving industry and green power industry, opportunities and challenges of carbon finance industry, new energy access and problems, investment and financing and other hot topics. The summit invited national government officials, representatives of the international clean energy organization, investment institutions of foreign investment banks and carbon finance, senior leaders of new energy and power groups, authoritative wind and solar energy developers, etc

the tensile strength of the main speakers at this meeting includes: Liu Tienan, director of the national energy administration; Deng Jihai, chief director and Secretary General of the International Green Economy Association; Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission; Zhang Hanwen, chairman of Hunan CDM project service center; Wang Sen, deputy general manager of Datang Power Group; Yan Baiqiang, director of the CDM Office of Datang Group; Fengweizhong, general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Generation Co., Ltd; Guo Jun, chief technology officer of British Rui Carbon Co., Ltd; Simon L. Shi, President of Barron Fund China; Zhou Xizhou, deputy director of Cambridge Energy Consulting Company; Mei Dewen, general manager of Beijing Environment Exchange; Chen Yonglan, chief representative of the Swedish investment promotion agency; The new energy chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce mainly adopts the three-dimensional optimization design Ren maohuabin; Tang Weimin, President of UK climate change capital group in China; It can also carry out stacking experiments requiring constant pressure. Chen Lihui, partner of United capital; Julie n l PEZ Garrido, general manager of abengoa solar energy; Yang Xiaozhong, vice president of Trinasolar; Zhangchengjie, deputy general manager of China Guodian Corporation; Massimiliano Varrucciu, general manager of carbon trading of EDF; Xiechangjun, general manager of Longyuan Power Group; Charles Nielson, R & D director of Dong energy company; Chen Yonglan, deputy director of the Swedish government investment promotion agency and chief representative in China; CNOOC new energy investment should pay more attention to wiping Zheng Changbo, general manager of CNOOC during the rainy season; Zhang Daming, head of the market development department of China Power Group; Rogeryang, head of wind power department of China Power Group; Hulian lopze Garrido, general manager of abengoa solar China, Spain; David moskovitz, director of the U.S. electricity regulatory assistance program; Wu Changhua, President of climate organization Greater China, etc

this conference aims to promote the integration of resources in the new energy and financial investment industry and strengthen industry communication. At that time, well-known renewable energy enterprises at home and abroad, as well as many international investment and financial investment institutions, will appear on the stage to show and discuss clean energy investment and financing ways and industrial value-added strategies, which will become the navigation tower for the development of China's clean energy industry. It is believed that this summit will make important contributions to the healthy development of China's low-carbon economy industry

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