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How to do smart manufacturing in Shandong this year? Six key points come out

Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology recently issued the "key points of Intelligent Manufacturing in the province in 2021". It is understood that this year, the province will cultivate about 30 major technical equipment and key parts in the field of intelligent manufacturing, about 10 suppliers of intelligent manufacturing system solutions, about 10 intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, create about 50 intelligent factories (Digital workshops), and basically build the enterprise echelon development An intelligent manufacturing ecosystem with complete industrial chain, complete public services and deep integration of production and use

this year's intelligent manufacturing is mainly carried out around the following aspects:

improve the anti-interference ability, improve the basic industrial ability

break through a number of basic common technologies. Closely follow up the special plans of national industrial foundation reconstruction, and do a good job in project reserve, application and follow-up services. Focus on the core links of intelligent manufacturing such as perception, control, decision-making and execution, and plan and sort out the list of breakthroughs along the chain for key areas such as core basic parts (components), industrial basic software, advanced basic processes and key basic materials, so as to promote the implementation of a number of innovative projects and improve the advanced level of industrial foundation

enhance the supply capacity of intelligent manufacturing equipment. The first (set) major technical equipment will be cultivated around the characteristics of nuclear helmet impact resistance testing machines such as high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, additive manufacturing, intelligent sensing and control, intelligent detection and assembly, intelligent logistics and storage, "wdw-s digital display electronic universal testing machine (portal) heart equipment". Support equipment manufacturers, system solution suppliers and user units to jointly develop intelligent packaged equipment (production lines). Use insurance compensation and other policies to promote innovative products to enter the supply system of key industrial chains

improve the intelligent manufacturing standard system

carry out standard formulation, publicity and implementation. Do a good job in the publicity, implementation and promotion of national standards such as the intelligent manufacturing capability maturity model, prepare local standards such as the implementation guide for the construction of intelligent factories and digital workshops, and the evaluation specification for intelligent factories and digital workshops, and support leading backbone enterprises and scientific research institutions to take the lead or participate in the formulation of intelligent manufacturing industry standards, forming a number of standards that reflect the characteristics and advantages of Shandong

carry out pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing

build a benchmark enterprise of intelligent manufacturing. Benchmarking German intelligent manufacturing, aiming at the world-class and domestic first-class matrix, focusing on key areas such as process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing, we will create a number of intelligent factories (Digital workshops) with strong demonstration and leading role and significant comprehensive benefits, cultivate about 10 intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, and select benchmarking enterprises to support the application of Morningstar factory lighthouse factory. Support the establishment of a municipal smart factory cultivation system, and promote manufacturing enterprises to achieve intelligent upgrading characterized by equipment interconnection, data sharing, system interoperability, and business integration

promote the pilot work of machine replacement. Focus on industrial robots with large consumption, materials in line with gb/t11352 (1) 989, high labor intensity, high risk, and high cleanliness of the production environment. Through the integrated application of robots, automatic production lines, CNC equipment, etc., promote the implementation of the machine replacement pilot project step by step, and improve the level of intelligence

deepen the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing

create a number of new technology enabling application scenarios. Continue to carry out enterprise cloud, promote industrial equipment cloud, accelerate the integrated development of industrial interconnection and manufacturing, create a number of typical application scenarios, and cultivate a number of industry platforms. Accelerate the application of 5g technology and other new technologies in the manufacturing field, and promote the digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises. Promote the application of artificial intelligence technology in R & D and design, production and operation, intelligent operation and maintenance services, etc. Promote the "data management capability maturity assessment model" (gb/t), actively strive for national pilot projects, carry out standard implementation services for enterprises, and improve the governance capacity of industrial big data

accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing ecosystem

implement the intelligent manufacturing ecological partnership plan. For intelligent manufacturing equipment, software, system solutions, network infrastructure, industry organizations, financial services and industry users, classify and then go to 3D printing new materials to establish the "Shandong intelligent manufacturing ecological partner directory" in batches, regularly carry out the docking and demonstration project promotion of projects, talents and financing needs, and connect financial institutions and social funds to help the development of intelligent manufacturing

promote regional coordinated development. Actively integrate into national strategies such as high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and strengthen regional cooperation with the Yellow River Basin, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions in terms of industrial chain docking, double recruitment and double introduction, forum and exhibition activities, etc. Give play to the leading and exemplary role of provincial characteristic industrial clusters and wild goose formation clusters, actively promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial clusters led by leading enterprises and linked by industrial chains, and drive the characteristic and large-scale development of intelligent manufacturing that radiates a larger region

create an intelligent manufacturing service system

speed up the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing advantage enterprises. We will continue to do a good job in the recommendation and application of national intelligent manufacturing system integration suppliers, prepare the "recommended catalogue of intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers in Shandong Province", and create 10 provincial-level high-quality suppliers. Support equipment manufacturing enterprises to take intelligent upgrading as a breakthrough, from providing equipment to providing intelligent manufacturing integrated services such as design, engineering, operation and maintenance services. Cultivate enterprises specialized in special new gazelle unicorns and individual champions in subdivided fields

carry out intelligent manufacturing diagnosis service activities. Support universities, scientific research institutes, associations and industry leading enterprises to set up intelligent manufacturing public service platforms to provide enterprises with one-stop services for intelligent manufacturing. Focus on the development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, carry out consultation and diagnosis, scheme design, supervision and evaluation in a high-quality manner by means of online platform operation and offline in-depth services, promote the integrated application of intelligent manufacturing equipment, core software and industrial interconnection, and study and formulate simple and easy intelligent solutions

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