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Six key points for the development of hardware tool industry are the key

the development space of hardware industry is very large. Luo Baihui, head of the international mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, said recently that the survey of more than 80000 consumers, retail industry and hardware market showed that about 30% of the demand for hardware products came from house decoration, and 50% of the products depended on the supply capacity of some domestic hardware suppliers. More families hope to see more hardware products provided by retailers. Unfortunately, our market research is still very limited. For example, after investigation, we found that in the design of the whole kitchen, the market demand will increase by 16% every year, but as a retailer, we must understand the market and customer needs, and then formulate solutions according to their needs. In this sales process, we should pay attention to several points

1. Personalized needs

worldwide, the hardware industry is changing from the traditional tool industry to the fashion industry. Consumption is becoming personalized, quality oriented, reasonable price and more choices. Following the trend, hardware retail enterprises have no choice but to provide customers with creative tools to meet their personalized needs

2. Quality is the foundation

from another level, the interpersonal relationship of hardware sales is three very important factors. Among these factors, quality is the foundation, good interpersonal relationship is more conducive to the opening of sales channels, and quality is the guarantee of long-term cooperation

3. Do a good job in publicity and promotion

on the basis of excellent products, do a good job in publicity. Manufacturers should be good at promoting themselves. Through publicity, the company's brand advantages, quality advantages, financial advantages and other advantages in the hardware industry can be displayed, so that more customers and peers can understand us and know us

Luo Baihui said that with the foundation of product quality, how to sell has become the key. We should be good at selling wrong products between products of the same grade. Just like horse racing, in the process of marketing, we compare our second-class product with others' first-class product, and then compare our first-class product with his second-class product, and then compare the second-class product with his third-class product. Understand dislocation marketing, vigorously promote products, and actively and enthusiastically invest

4. Pay attention to the adjustment of product structure

vigorously develop the production and sales of hardware products with high-tech content and high added value. At the same time, on the premise of absorbing and transforming advanced technology, starting from all links, through the implementation of cost reduction plans, energy structure transformation and other ways and means, we should try to reduce waste, improve management level, reduce unit cost, and improve the export competitiveness of hardware products

5. Pay attention to the role of e-commerce products

as we all know, trading through e-commerce can not only save a lot of manpower and material resources, but also reduce transaction costs and inventory, The electronic universal experimental machine is more widely used to continuously stretch the rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed. Hardware manufacturers have made great progress and breakthroughs in entering the Chinese plastic extruder market, creating a free and equal competitive environment and a broader but cooperative space. Under such an environment, Jiangsu Jinfa technology provides new development opportunities for China's hardware enterprises

6. Using financial instruments to avoid exchange rate risk

in foreign trade, we should increase the proportion of down payment of contracts to reduce the risk of exchange rate changes and prevent exchange losses. For example, the down payment rate of signed contracts is increased from the previous 5%-20% to 30%-40%; The appreciation limit can also be agreed in the contract. If the limit is exceeded, the export price of the product can be adjusted accordingly. In addition, experts suggest that enterprises can switch loans, repay RMB loans in advance, and then change them into US dollar loans; Use financial instruments to avoid exchange rate risks, forward transactions, and lock forward exchange rates in advance; Strive to use RMB for settlement in commodity transactions

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