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The year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. It is of great significance to do a good job in all work. From January to February this year, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) held two sessions to show the 2018 report card and plan the 2019 development goals. The two sessions bear the characteristics of regional development and integrate the overall development direction. They are an important observation window of regional development and a macro embodiment of local development ideas

combined with the work reports of local governments, this paper combs the important direction of local energy development in 2019. Statistics show that clean energy development, power system reform, supply side reform, pollution prevention and control, ecological environmental protection, smart energy, cost reduction and efficiency increase, business environment, international cooperation, etc. have become high-frequency keywords closely related to energy development in local government work reports

keyword 1: development and utilization of clean energy

clean, environmental friendly, low-carbon energy is the direction of energy transformation and green and low-carbon development. With the strong policy support of the state, China's photovoltaic and wind power industries have developed rapidly, and the cumulative installed capacity of wind power and solar energy ranks first in the world. In the process of China's energy transformation, the proportion of clean energy is increasing, and the process of efficient, clean and low-carbon energy structure is accelerating

in the 31 local government work reports published in 2019, the keyword "clean energy" was mentioned 27 times, with more references to various types of energy. More than 10 provinces (districts and cities) have defined the priorities and construction plans for clean energy development in 2019, and some provinces and cities have incorporated clean energy development into the action plan. For example, Tianjin proposed to thoroughly implement the three-year action plan for the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials industries. Hubei proposed to promote the development of ten key industries, including integrated circuit, digital, biology, new energy and new materials. Zhejiang requested to speed up the construction of clean energy demonstration Province, and Yunnan proposed to build a clean energy carrying Industrial Park including its processing technology. Qinghai said that it should vigorously develop strategic emerging industries such as new energy and cultivate a number of innovative leading enterprises with strong competitiveness in photovoltaic manufacturing and other fields. Xinjiang proposed to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries such as new energy and form industrial and economic advantages as soon as possible. The specific goal of Henan deployment is to increase the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation by 1.8 million KW. Shanxi will vigorously promote the development of new energy such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy, strengthen the development and utilization of hydrogen energy, and speed up the construction of 10 million kilowatt photovoltaic wind power bases

the "Three North" and southwest regions are rich in clean energy. Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Jilin and other places have proposed to make full use of the advantages of clean energy, expand the clean energy industry, build a clean energy system, and promote the reform of energy production methods and consumption patterns. Among them, Gansu, Qinghai, Heilongjiang and Jilin also pointed out that we should promote clean energy heating according to local conditions. The key planning excerpts are as follows:


accelerate the development of green industries such as ecological agriculture, ecotourism and ecological health care, expand energy conservation and environmental protection, cleaner production and clean energy industries, and cultivate new green and low-carbon growth points. Energy industry, accelerate the development of shale gas and other new energy, and improve the efficiency of existing energy development and utilization


seriously study and implement "electric energy substitution", accelerate the improvement of electrification level, and transform the rich advantages of clean energy in the province into development advantages


promote the strengthening and optimization of clean and efficient power industry, strengthen the ultra-low emission and green transformation of coal-fired units, vigorously promote the construction of intelligent electricity, orderly develop wind, photovoltaic and biomass power generation, and ensure that the installed power generation capacity exceeds 61.5 million KW


thoroughly implement the requirements of "four revolutions and one cooperation", focus on the large-scale development of new energy, aim at the demonstration and use of clean energy, and strive to promote the reform of energy production mode and consumption mode with the construction of smart electricity as the guarantee. We will strive to build a clean energy system with complementary, integrated and optimized water, light, wind, nuclear and thermal energy


promote the expansion and development of clean energy industry. Actively promote the preliminary work of major national clean energy points


pay close attention to the construction of renewable energy projects such as biomass power generation. Support Songyuan City to build a 10 million ton straw bio refining project. Strengthen the exploration and development of scarce resources, geothermal and other clean energy in the province, and promote the application of heat pump heating, electric heating and other clean heating according to local conditions


clean energy industry, accelerate the construction of Wuwei thorium based molten salt reactor nuclear power system, Suzhou new energy micro electricity demonstration and other projects, strive to start some wind power projects in Jiuhu supporting phase II and some projects in Tongwei wind power base, expand the scale of cross regional power transactions, and do a good job in the preliminary work of the 800 kV high voltage transmission project from East Gansu to Shandong

keyword 2: pollution prevention and control and clean energy utilization

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that we should resolutely fight the tough battle of preventing and resolving major risks, accurately eradicating poverty, and pollution prevention and control. As one of the three key battles, the fight against pollution prevention and control has been highlighted in the 2019 local government work reports, and many places have deployed specific measures and objectives. Beijing proposed that the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of the ten thousand yuan regional GDP decreased by about 2.5% and 2.6% respectively. Anhui said it would complete the energy-saving upgrading and transformation of coal-fired power units with more than 1.26 million KW, promote the reduction and replacement of coal consumption, and ensure that the average concentration of PM2.5 meets the national assessment requirements

in terms of energy, there are many references in the work reports of local governments in terms of ultra-low emissions of thermal power, clean and efficient power generation from coal, pollution control during power production, waste and biomass combustion power generation. In 31 government work reports, the keyword "pollution prevention" was mentioned 110 times

China is the largest energy producer and consumer in the world. Facing the pressure of ecological environment and the current situation of energy resource endowment, clean energy utilization is imperative. Hebei, Tianjin, Guizhou, Gansu, Heilongjiang and Qinghai also proposed to continue to promote the clean substitution of bulk coal for heating of urban and rural residents. The key planning excerpts are as follows:


in 2019, complete the condensation and dehydration treatment of all public coal-fired power units, strengthen the flue gas temperature control and smoke plume whitening treatment, promote the low nitrogen transformation of gas-fired boilers and the cleaning transformation of diesel construction machinery, orderly promote the clean replacement of bulk coal for heating in urban and rural residents, and the annual average concentration of PM2.5 continues to decline


accelerate the transformation of ultra-low emissions of coal-fired thermal power units, promote the transformation of heating boilers to meet the standards, and eliminate diesel trucks that exceed the standard in urban built-up areas


promoted the clean and efficient utilization of energy, and the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP decreased by 3.9%


accelerate the transformation of ultra-low emission of thermal power coal-fired units, carry out comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds in key industries and "scattered pollution" enterprises, and set special emission limits for air pollutants in key industries and heavily polluted areas


carry out in-depth control actions such as dust, air pollution of industrial enterprises, and the combustion of loose coal, accelerate the exploration, development and utilization of shale gas and coalbed methane, and promote the use of geothermal energy


accelerate the implementation of ultra-low emission transformation in key industries such as thermal power to ensure that the pollution emissions of key enterprises meet the standards. Orderly promote clean heating in urban and rural areas in winter, implement coal to gas, coal to electricity or clean coal replacement projects in cities above the county level, and take various forms to carry out the work of changing stoves and Kang in rural areas

keyword 3: Reform in key areas and key links

at present, comprehensively deepening reform has entered a critical period and deep-water area, and we should continue to do a good job of reform in 2019. The sixth meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform was held, stressing the need to achieve decisive results in the reform of important areas and key links by 2020, continue to fight hard, bite hard bones, and ensure that one thing is done. This provides an important basis for us to further promote the comprehensive deepening of reform

the local two sessions focused on key areas and key links, and proposed to unswervingly deepen the comprehensive reform. In 2019, we will focus on key areas and key links, solve outstanding contradictions, and work hard on the eight words "consolidation, enhancement, improvement, and unimpeded", so as to effectively stimulate the development vitality and creativity of the whole society. We should promote high-quality development through reform and continue to enhance the endogenous driving force of economic development

more than 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) proposed to deepen the reform of key areas and key links, deepen the reform of power system and supply side, and also made arrangements in power market transactions, price reform, power reform pilot, cost reduction and efficiency increase. Among them, Shanxi, Yunnan and Gansu proposed to promote electricity price reform. Jiangxi, Ningxia, Liaoning, Gansu and Shanxi proposed to expand the scale of direct power trading and improve the marketization of power trading. Yunnan, Jiangxi and Jilin proposed to promote the reform of incremental distribution business. The key planning excerpts are as follows:


deepen the reform of the power system, improve the medium and long-term trading mechanism of electricity, speed up the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices, improve the spot market trading pilot, speed up the construction of National incremental distribution pilot, expand the power market for urban and rural residents, vigorously expand the external power transmission market, and build a clean power transmission base

Inner Mongolia

accelerate the market-oriented reform of factors, further improve the market-oriented allocation mechanism of coal and other mineral resources, and expand the scale of power market-oriented transactions


carried out pilot projects of power demand side management and incremental distribution business reform in key development zones and industrial parks


focuses on the reform of the power system, deepens the market-oriented reform of factors, builds a demonstration area of hydropower consumption industry, and develops green energy carrying industries such as big data and electrolytic hydrogen


continue to promote the pilot of direct electricity trading across provinces and regions, and improve the upstream and downstream price linkage mechanism of pipeline natural gas


deepen the reform of the power system. On the premise of obeying the overall situation of the country, we will significantly increase the proportion of cloud power for self use, strive to achieve 100billion kwh of market-oriented trading electricity within the year, further adjust and improve the preferential price and full load electricity price policy, and promote the reform of incremental distribution business


deepen the reform of electricity price, expand the implementation of direct electricity purchase transactions by enterprises in key industries, and do a good job in the new round of transmission and distribution electricity price reform of Gansu electricity. Complete the shareholding reform of the provincial power trading center, and promote the pilot of energy-saving trading and energy use rights trading


promote the price reform in natural gas, electricity, urban water supply, transportation and other fields in depth


deepen the price reform in key areas such as electricity, natural gas, transportation and so on


deepen the reform of the power system, promote the integration of main power and regional power, and add 34 industrial parks below the autonomous region level to enter the power market for transactions


effectively reduce the cost burden of enterprises. Improve the marketization of power trading and reduce the cost of electricity

keyword 4: intelligent development of industrial transformation

promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a new pattern of high-quality development. The local government work report proposed to expand effective investment and strengthen and optimize the real economy. We should focus on high-end, intelligent, green and integrated, actively cultivate and develop advanced industrial clusters, accelerate the improvement of supply structure, tap new drivers of development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

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