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In the era of rapid economic development and high-speed building construction, the industry around real estate continues to rise. As a necessity of buildings, the industry of hollow glass doors and windows is also soaring. Around the hollow glass door and window factory, some intelligent businessmen have identified the hollow glass materials and are ready to create their own world in this environment of economic rise

as a insulating glass material, the first one to bear the brunt is the insulating aluminum strip, because it is an essential component of insulating glass, and also plays the most important role in heat insulation and sound insulation. Then, what kind of machinery and equipment are used to make insulating aluminum strips, and how to purchase them

when choosing hollow aluminum strip equipment, we should pay attention to the following. First, we will introduce a few links of wedge load experiment.

according to the news of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission,

leading. Through the Internet search of the company's reputation, product quality and other information, Baidu will search the company's name to see if there is any negative. If not, the company can be listed in consideration.

Second Compare the manufacturers of the companies under consideration and compare the strength and integrity of several enterprises. Only manufacturers with production workshops can make good equipment. For example, Jinan Zhongnuo has four production lines. While making equipment, it can timely improve and improve the quality of equipment with the continuous development of the global construction market. Some small manufacturers don't even know how to use the equipment, so they set up several electric welding machines to make equipment there. They really don't dare to compliment

Third, seeing is believing, hearing is false When you know something about it through contacts, you should go to the manufacturer that wants to purchase equipment to see its production capacity, production scale, etc.

Fourth, when you arrive at the manufacturer, you should first look at the business license, tax registration and other certificates of the factory. Only regular enterprises can produce high-quality products, and what problems happen to the equipment in the future can be solved.

fifth, look at the equipment, Generally, manufacturers will have hollow aluminum strip equipment in use and equipment being processed. Of course, only those who are professional can see the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment. Sixth, talk about price and sign an agreement: when talking about price with manufacturers, some hollow aluminum strip equipment purchasers only know to talk about cheaper ones, although they can't only recognize price. As the saying goes: cheap goods are not good goods, quality is the main priority, Even if you buy the cheapest equipment in the industry and can't produce aluminum spacers at that time, your company will suffer

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